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Durable Automobile Oil Seals to Support Rough Automotive System Applications - FITCO

Durable Automobile Oil Seals to Support Rough Automotive System Applications Automotive seals play critical roles in different types of four wheeler vehicles. They are primarily used with bearings, hubs, and different types of mechanical systems. The seals are designed to prevent leakage of oil, lubricant, and component damage due to heat. FITCO provides a wide range of sealing solutions to meet the various needs of automotive manufacturing. Our seals can be installed in systems of commercial cars, buses, trucks, and motorcycles. At FITCO , we provide oil and shaft seals as solutions for automobiles. They are designed to provide stability and reliability in terms of performance and service life. They are ideal for any kind of fluid power or handling equipment. The shaft and oil seals provides benefits of decreased friction, easy fit, and mechanical protection. The seals also reduce demands on the automobile system in terms of tolerance, hardness, and smoothness. The foll…

Oil Seals - FITCO

Oil Seals also known as Rotary shaft seals play a key role in extending the operating life of bearing systems and reducing the overall costs of maintaining these systems. The primary function of a rotary shaft seal is to retain bearing system lubricants therefore allowing the bearings to operate in optimal levels of lubrication. The secondary function of a rotary shaft seal is to exclude contaminants from the system, contaminants that can both damage bearings and break down the effectiveness of lubricants.

Oil Seals are manufactured  from shafts ranging 1/4” to 40”. The design guide offers assistance in selecting the appropriate style and material of seal for your particular operating environment. If heat or chemical attack are a concern we offer Viton®, and other material Silicones and Nitriles rubbers. Additionally, design parameters for shaft and bore configurations are provided.

A complete selection of Inch & Metric sizes of  Rotary shaft seals.  Available in a ran…

PTFE O-Rings and Seals - FITCO

FKM Fluoroelastomer / Viton O-Rings and Seals

O-Ring and Seals protection for harsh environments remains a continuing challenge in many industries. One of the best solutions for long-term efficiency and reliability is the use of fluorocarbon elastomers (FKMs).

In general, most fluorocarbon elastomers (FKMs) resist temperatures up to 204°C/400°F and remain flexible at lows of -26°C/-15°F.  Superior compression set and recovery, and high performance in contact with severe chemicals, are the hallmarks of fluoroelastomers.  They perform well in vacuum applications and have very good ozone , weather and aging resistance.  In addition, the durability of fluoroelastomer seals saves on downtime and replacement costs.

FKM O-Rings and Seals are frequently used in industrial, oil and gas, automotive, aerospace and defense, and medical and life sciences, among other industries, to seal against gasoline, butane, propane, natural gas, grease, hydraulic fluids, solvents, and mineral-based oils and acids.
Ideal for sealing in criti…