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Bonded Seals (Dowty seal,Uist ring) - FITCO

Bonded Seals - Imperial INCN & METRIC
The Bonded Seal is a rectangular section metal washer to which a trapezoidal shaped rubber ring is bonded. (often called a Dowty Washer). Both the washer and the inner are available in different materials to suit the application required the most common being mild steel and stainless steel with the inner rubber compounds being mainly nitrile, and viton.

What's the Bonded seals?
Bonded seals/washers combine a rubber seal, pressure bonded to the inside of a metallic washer. The most commonly used material is zinc plated steel, although we can source other varieties. Bonded washers are extremely watertight and thus are frequently used to create leak-proof seals in hydraulic systems.
Working Condition
Rubber Temperature:Nitrile (NBR)-30℃~120℃,Viton(FKM)-30℃~250℃
Working medium:each kind  lubricating oil, liquid and gas
Metal Washer:Mild Steel (Zinc plated, Clear or Gold passivate) Stainless Steel (su304,316) & Copper or Aluminum