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Tube Assemblies - Hydraulics Hose and Hose Fittings
For over a decade, we are manufacturing O-Rings for metal tube assemblies because of our precision engineering and quality control practices, companies have used our O-Rings for tube assemblies in hydraulic fluid transfer, fuel and oil, lubrication, fleet, automotive, and military applications.

O-Rings for Fuel Injection Tubes

O-Rings are used in Fuel Injection Tubes are used in large numbers in all kinds of diesel engines for automobiles, ships, construction equipment, and agricultural machinery

O-Rings for CRDi Tubes & Hydraulic Tubes
Common Rail technology operates at very high-pressure to achieve better air-fuel mixing and as a result, higher engine efficiency. We offer a qualitative range of High Pressure Hydraulic Tubes.

O-Rings for EGR & Bellows
EGR tube assembly carries unburnt gas vapors from the exhaust manifold chambers to the intake manifold and is reintroduced into the engine firing sequence

We expertise in O-Rings and   work in team to develop highly customized  O-Rings for tube assemblies for their OEM products.

FITCO works to ensure that every component and assembly we supply meets our highest expectations for quality and performance. Our experienced team leverages their thousands of hours of quality testing experience to closely inspect and approve each and every product that passes through our facility, ensuring that you receive products that enhance and empower your equipment.
As a quality-source supplier, Fitco Engineers Pvt Ltd consolidates and simplifies the engineering, specification, and purchasing processes for you. From the prototype stage to production, you can count on Fitco expertise for the essential o-rings for  fluid transfer systems of your machinery.

O-Rings Applications:
·         Hydraulic
·         Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
·         Truck and Bus
·         Pneumatic
·         Cooling

O-ring Installation Instructions & useful with O-ring seal connectors and adapters.
O-ring seal fittings are used for direct connection to existing pipe thread or straight thread ports which have a smooth, flat surface perpendicular to the threaded port. O-ring seal fittings provide leak-tight sealing on both vacuum and high pressure systems. The standard Buna N O-ring is completely contained in a precision groove, to prevent O-ring extrusion at high pressure. The precision groove also provides a controlled squeeze for a vacuum-tight seal.

When installing an O-ring port:
1. Hand-thread until the O-ring compresses on the port end.
2. Snug the fitting to the port with a wrench to completely compress the O-ring.
3. Always use a back-up wrench to hold the O-ring seal fitting body, when connecting or
disconnecting a end.

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