Need an O-Ring? We supply any Size of O-Rings? - O-Ring Supplier & Distributor

FITCO are a leading supplier of O-rings and Seals from last 23 years established since 1995 - our warehouse is located in Mohali & Mumbai

We supply O-Rings to Distributors, MROs, OEMs, designers, engineers, maintenance staff and plant operators.

O-Rings  - Manufactured to US and international standards: AS 568B, ISO 3601, DIN 3771, JIS and metric. Custom sizes of almost any dimension.  

                 Miniature O-rings, large special O-rings, continuously moulded and spliced cord.

Back-up Rings - Prevent extrusion in high-pressure applications and help retain lubricant, extending O-ring life.

O-Ring Kits - Kits are conveniently arranged with various size O-rings for repair, assembly and workshop.

Accessories - Products to assist O-ring users include assembly sizing cones and extraction tools.

Let us know for your requirement of O-Rings
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  1. Thanks for sharing such post. O-ring is major component in today's industry. Keep sharing!


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