O-Ring Kit 5A - FITCO

Fitco O-Ring Kit - NBR 5A - Inches sizes o rings

O Ring Kits contains the most often used Imperial sizes of AS-568 standard size O-Rings

We have variety of O-Ring kits of UK and US standard sizes, our O-Ring Kit is industry standard. O-Ring kit contains 30 sizes of o-rings in total quantity 382 pieces of o-rings of the most often used AS568 Standard sizes. The outside top cover has detailed, labels indicating the sizes and quantities of the o-rings in each compartment , and the highly attractive red styrene box features both post and recess styles of o-ring retention.

O-Ring Kit - FITCO

Material : Nitrile (NBR) with 70 Shore A Hardness

Orders are shipped from our stock within 3-5 days .

For Further Details Email us : sales@fitcoseals.com




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