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Radial shaft seals used for all industrial sectors. They are particularly suitable for split and/or light alloy housings with increased thermal expansion and/or poor surface quality of the housing bore. Advantageous for static sealing in housing against low viscosity liquid or gaseous media. The secondary lip of  DL-TC seals keeps dirt away from the sealing lip.

Whenever a shaft rotates, it needs a bearing arrangement for smooth and effective operation. Wherever there is a bearing, you will always find a seal helping it to reach its maximum service life and reliability. The most common types of seals, used in bearing arrangements, are radial shaft seals, in small diameter sizes (outside diameter up to 200 mm / 8 in) for general industrial requirements and the large diameter seals, LDS (larger than 200 mm / 8 in outside diameter), specially designed for heavy industry and large bearing arrangements. In general terms, a radial shaft seal is a barrier with four main functions:

                          Oil Seal Fitco Type - SL-SC                                        Oil Seal Fitco Type - DL-TC                                                        

FITCO Oil Seals of rubber covered radial shaft seals for the most demanding requirements in general industry. Designed according to DIN 3760/ISO 6194-1. Type DL-TC with a secondary lip
(”dust lip”), with zero lip/shaft interference, for protection against contamination. Spring loaded sealing lip, trimmed on the front face.

Rubber compound for the range of SL-SC and DL-TC radial shaft seals has been developed for optimum use in oil lubricated applications, including synthetic oils for e.g. industrial gearboxes. Sealing lips and outside diameter: Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber, hardness 75° Shore A, with the main advantages:

• Very good oil compatibility versus synthetic oils
 • Good wear resistance
• Good resistance against ageing
• Very good pumping characteristics


Optimum use in bearing applications, lubricated with oil or grease in temperatures from –40°C to +100°C (104°F to 212°F), short-term up to 120°C (248°F), for synthetic lubricants max +80°C (176°F). The rubber covered outside diameter assures optimized sealing in the housing bore, even where there is considerable surface roughness, thermal expansion or split housing. Particularly suitable for sealing of low viscose lubricants or gaseous media.
Surface speed: up to 14 m/s (2756 ft/min). Operating pressure: max 0,03 MPa (5 psi).

We recommend the use of seal type DL-TC with a secondary lip when extra protection of the primary lip against contamination intruding is needed.

We have stocked in a wide range of sizes.
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